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    Selling step by step



    1. Market-driven property valuation

    Your approach should be to sell your property at the best possible price, within th shortest time. 

    We create countless propetiy valuations in our work space, which give us a perfect overview of the current pricestructure of the real estate market.

    Through many years of working as a land developer and construction company, it is easy for us to determine theintrinsic value of the property  and enforce this in relation to the current market situation.



    2. Select a real estate agent

    Here you should focus on the external appearance, office space, accessibility, international distribution partnersand the existing marketing expertise. Only the agent who plays in the first division is also able to achieve the best possible price for your property.



    3. Processing of the object, creating marketing material to the distribution maturity

    The first impression is very important, and mostly there is no second chance by this particular potential buyer.

     You should always carry in mind that your property is in Spain, but their potential buyers are sitting in London, Munich, Rotterdam or Moscow. Think back about the time you have bought your property!

    The decision to buy a property abroad is more complex than buying at home, in the familiar environment.

     Good pictures, detailed descriptions of objects in all relevant languages do so that generally the first interest is woken up in the prospective customer.

    If we find out during the object inspection that small cosmetic repairs could help, we will suggest you this. Just a few cans of paint can make a considerable increase.



    4. Marketing start for your property

    To find the perfect buyer you need a maximum marketing mix that uses all the appropriate channels.

     If HOFFMANN INTERNATIONAL takes over the marketing of your property you can be sure that we use the fullrange of marketing: brochure preparation, office presentations, email marketing, real estate exhibitions,international internet portals, PR, sales and partner network.



    5. Viewings by sales manager with selected buyers


    Longer opening hours - better accessibility 

    Our team is available for viewings 7 days a week, we are there for prospective buyers whenever they need us. More than 35% of all viewings are effected outside the usual office hours, the same with the purchase transactions.


    6. Receipt of a purchase offer

    Once we have an offer you will be informed orally and in writing.

    We generally require from our prospective buyers a written offer, and only if it is to be classified as serious, it is handed on by us. According to situation a financing proof of the prospective buyer is also requested by us.


    7. Offer accepted by the owner

    Once the offer has been accepted by the owner, as usually in Spain, a preliminary contract is to be signed, which specificates payment terms and the date for signature of the contract at the notary.

    If one of the parties has legal assistance, this step requires a legal advice.


    8. Signing of the purchase contract at the notary with final payment and key delivery

    At the Notary is checked if the property is free of any incumbrances, the final payment is made, the keys are handed over to the new owners. We usually make an appointment before or after the Notary to introduce theproperty to the owner. 


    9. Congratulations! Your property is sold



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