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HOffMANN INATERNATIONAL Developer brings the greatest value to projects that are innovative, durable and prone. Therefore, both founders of the company are its name for the quality and properties of high stand. With clear objectives and position clear to establish trends in the real estate market.

Bernd Hoffmann
As a developer of projects Bernd Hoffmann continues the family tradition. His architectural work knowledge and building expertise complement each other.
Since the 1980s it has success with HOFFMANN INTERNATIONAL as a project developer in Spain. There he developed land in collaboration with communities, planned developments and infrastructure and implemented the building efficiently.
In 2006, Bernd Hoffmann founded in Frankfurt, the DLS Immobilien Service GmbH company. Here continued in recent years, among other things, the trends with apartments with services (www.dls-boardinghouse.com) and a number of innovative projects premium.

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