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     Rental terms & conditions

     1st standing partner

    Your contracting party is Villas Belair S. L., Ctra. Moraira, Calpe 172 -03724 Moraira., 
    in the name of his own accommodation of one's own) or representation of our home owners (customer houses) which one acts, or Mr Bernd Hoffmann, the private owner of various rental properties. 

    These booking conditions come into effect on receipt of the first payment on the given bank account automatically. You accept these booking conditions for all persons travelling along and to advise these persons about the conditions. 

    The tenant acts in his own name and in the name of the persons accompanying him.

    2nd reservation, booking confirmation and terms of payment

    You have confirmed your booking already by telephone or online. Please check your booking confirmation very carefully which you have received by e-mail since these details form the basis of our contract with you. The standard procedure is a bank transfer, please note that the bank charges arising at the transfer are for your account so that the full rent is credited to the receivers account. After signing the booking confirmation and returning it to us a transfer of 50% will be due, the remaining 50% is payable at least 3 weeks before arrival. If there should be any special circumstances then this payment can be altered to your individual needs either by phone or email so that special arrangements are noted down in the booking confirmation which is sent to you for filling out. As soon as the receipt of your bank transfer is with us in the receivers account, we send the booking confirmation signed by us to you. We recommend that you send us a copy of your bank transfer by fax so that we can confirm your registration as soon as possible.

    3rd prices and renting season times

    The given prices are, respectively from/to Saturday per rental property calculated (not per person) for the period of a week. This is the usual handing over day, under special circumstances this can be changed, however, we ask for a previous arrangement to this. 

    The deposit of € 400  or € 300 shall be paid at the handing over in cash. After a final check of the rental property on your departure the deposit is refunded in the same way. An additional cost of € 10 is charged for the cost of electricity per day generally.

    Furthermore the following additional costs can arise:

    A baby cradle can be provided on request for €20, one child high chair for €10. All prices are weekly prices. The costs for water (rule consumption) are included in the rent. Bedlinen and towels (no beach cloths) have to be brought or hired for 12 euros/per person, should you wish an individual introduction to your rental property, this can be carried out after a previous arrangement cost for 20 euros. 
    You are alone responsible for your journey to and from the airport as well as excursions during your stay. The booking sees itself as a booking for self providers, we would like to give you information about the nearest supermarket on the spot.

    4th Your holiday accommodation

    The rental property is furnished completely and equipped by the owner according to the local standards. You have for certain seen photos or already received information about the inside and the standard of the accommodation from other tenants. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything fully, for storage of food and preparation of your meals.
    You can receive more exact information from the responsible employee who looks after your booking regarding the number of sleep places. If you travel with small children or babies, then you can rent a baby cradle or a child high chair at an additional cost and the person dealing with your booking will make sure that everything required is ready before your arrival.
    We do state the maximum persons allowed in the property, however you may wish to under-occupy to have more space at no additional cost, depending on the numbers a small discount may be feasible.
    If the property hosts extra things like TV, washing machine, dishwasher etc these will be mentioned in the description. If they are not mentioned, the property does not have them.

    5th changes of the booking conditions or prices

    The description of the rental property was made with much care. If we should notice mistakes or fault, we will immediately inform you about these. If this should be the case only after booking confirmation and payment by you having been carried out, then we will of course immediately inform you and give you the possibility of accepting these possible changes. This concerns the rental property under no circumstances himself but can be the case in the reference to equipment details merely.

    We reserve the right to change prices at any time, the rent which you get at booking confirmation is guaranteed and is then subject to no more change, so after booking confirmation you have a fixed price for the rental property which cannot be increased any more. 
    Your booking in the context of special offers for special appointments to special conditions with a lower price. This means that you cannot put any price clawbacks after booking confirmation having been carried out, if a cheaper last-minute offer should be available for the object.

    6th journey and departure, prolongation of the stay or early departure

    The one who is indicated in this contract for the day and the times is the occupancy time period of accommodation. 

    Before you go to the rented accommodation, you collect the keys at the office from Hoffmann International in Moraira. The rental property can be occupied from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. If not possible before this time please contact the office before 6pm . We do not take responsibility otherwise. 
    The office is closed on Sundays until Monday 10am no contact with our employees can be established and the villa can therefore not be occupied. In the case of delay to your journey a code is submitted to the customer. you will find an envelope in the safe with your name in with the key for your holiday accommodation. You first of all receive directions to the office and to the rental property (you will only receive directions and will not be accompanied). The direct phone number to the office is 0034 96 649 24 02 Monday-Friday from 10.00 to 18.00, saturday 10.00 to 13.00. During these times we are here for all your questions or problems of any type. You are given access to the rental property as of 15.00 hours, special arrangements however, may be possible, please talk to the person who dealt with your booking. 
    On the departure day the rental property has to be left no later than 10.00 hours; a general clean has to be made by the tenant before leaving the rental property. The final cleaning by our cleaning team and preparations for the rental property for the next guests is carried out as of 10.00 hours. 
    Please respect departure times as the next guests also would like to take the rental property on time and in faultlessly clean condition! if, for any reason there is a delay on arrival caused by flight delays, illness or personal reasons, no refund of the rent is made. Applies to an earlier departure.

    7th changes or travel cancellation through you

    Should you not be able to begin your journey and therefore want to cancel the booking, you must inform the responsible employee who looks after your booking. According to the circumstances and renting season arrangements (partial) refunds of the rent already paid maybe considered. If you cancel your booking more than 4 weeks before your journey, then 50% of the rent already paid by you is refunded, as a rule. If you cancel less than 4 weeks no refund of any monies will be paid. A travel insurance is not included in your rent, however, this can be arranged and recommended by us

    8th changes or cancellations by the owner of the rental property

    It is very improbable that we have to make any changes to your holiday, if for any reason we have to we will advise you at the earliest date possible and offer you the option of accepting the change of another holiday of the same value or the rent fully refunded, however, we should advise you about such a change less than 4 weeks before your journey, then we refund all of your monies plus 50% of the value changes which are necessary due to un-avoidable circumstances such as (war, natural disasters, fires) anything that is outside our control.

    9th Your responsibility

    At the start of your journey a deposit in cash is required for any damages incurred, this is refunded on the day of departure in cash provided that the final check of the rental property shows no damages or other breakages after your departure. Treat your holiday accommodation and its equipment carefully and respect the local laws. Should there be damage, immediately talk to the responsible employee who looks after your booking at Hoffmann International. You and the persons travelling along are responsible for all costs as required.

    The departure time of 10.00 hours and arrival time 15.00 hours this means that there are only a few hours available for the final cleaning and preparations for the rental property between you and the next guests. We therefore, thank you for your understanding and ask for your cooperation in a basic clean of the dishes and the kitchen utensils. Please leave kitchen free from rubbish, dirty cups, plates, glasses etc. There will be a deduction from your refundable deposit of €60.
    The occupancy of the rental property is limited on the maximum occupancy stated at booking. If less persons should arrive, then no discount is granted on the person number since the prices refer to the rental property, if the number exceeds on arrival the keyholder has the right to refuse entry.

    10th complaints

    We want to make sure that you enjoy your holiday, if any problems should arise, you must inform us on the contact numbers which we first of all give to you, however, we point out again that we cannot immediately react outside the given office opening hours. 

    If you do not immediately inform us we cannot take responsibility as we have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate further and rectify any problem. Should you not be able to solve the problem on the spot, you should contact the person dealing with your booking.

    11th Our responsibility

    We accept responsibility for ensuring your booked holiday accommodation will be found as described in the advertisement, if you should not be content with something, we guarantee our best to rectify this within 48 hours. The rental property is cleaned and prepared quite individually for you, if you have special requirements such as a baby cradle, we take care that this is ready for you, you must speak to the responsible who looks after your booking.

    The garden and terrace are ready for use and accept responsibility for all this, we do not take responsibility for such occurrences which are out of our control through damages caused by yourself or persons travelling along or third parties such as fault in the current water or gas supply.

    12th The price contain performance is

    The following performances are included in the price:

    - water (normal consumption, 200 l/day/person) 
    -- maintenance of the Swimmingpools 
    and garden.


    The contract can be only extended when the house is not immediately rented out again.


    Make sure at the start of your holiday whether domestic animals are permitted! In principle, the tenant must pay a surcharge for these. If these domestic animals should cause damages, the tenant is only and alone liable for these.


    You immediately contact problems at our office at admission, such as water leaks, short circuits or any other defects or unforeseeable occurrences in the property. If it is an electrical water heater, this must be immediately switched off at a general water redress so that no damage arises. 

    Please do not try to open the cupboards locked by the owner.

    16th WARNINGS

    A violation of the rules of the house and improper use of the rental property and its outer plants, tenants can be expelled from the lessor without any claims for damages from the object.

    17th BANS

    Taking objects from the house along to the beach or the exchange of a house to another one or the removal of objects out of the property are forbidden. It is not permitted to take furniture to the terrace out of the house. If any furniture should be switched over within the house, these must be put back to there original place when leaving the house again.

    Please do not put any hot appliances onto wood surfaces. If you have put on cream with suntan oil, please do not put yourself on the beds or do not get into the armchairs. 
    Do not permit little children to climb the sofas or armchair with shoes. Please check the behaviour of the little children as much as possible. 
    Do not carry out any repairs, no matter how small these should be. It is forbidden to accommodate guests in the house and it cannot be used for purposes which does not correspond to the ones for whom it was rented. No explosive or combustible substances. 
    No activity which could disrupt the normal living together, the hygiene, public order or which breaks the normal quiet of other residents of the property. 
    Do not pass any animals into the house without having sought the permission before.
    Please make sure beds and sofas are used with sheets and pillows. 
    Please leave waste in bins that are provided.
    Please make sure the furniture is not used for other purposes other than what it is intended for. 
    After 22.00 hours, please do not make any noise which could disturb the neighbourhood.
    During the day radios and other apparatus may be taken advantage of only with appropriate volume. 
    The non-payment of one of the previous bans becomes effective item 16.


    We are not liable for any complaints due to problems which arise from water redresses on the part of the supply company.

    The company does not take on responsibility for complaints which are not imposed on time. 
    We are not responsible for any accidents that occur during your stay, the tenant themselves are responsible at their own risk.
    The repair costs for defects or damages caused by the tenant is for debits of the tenant.

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