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    The most important aspect to consider when building or buying a property is the location. If the location is not right, even the most beautiful property will be spoilt.

    Successful companies throughout the world follow one main principle: They chose their location in the region’s best area – So why shouldn’t you do so for your dream home? After all, it is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life.  Everyone is different and the choice is yours. Decide where you want to really live your life.

    Firstly, make sure that the surroundings are what you are looking for. Your new villa should not only be nice to look
    at, but also nice to look from. Living in a nice place, in a nice home should include nice views.With the sea and the mountains along the Costa Blanca, you will have some beautiful panoramic views at your disposal. The valley of Pego is both wild and romantic. The climate is excellent – a real health haven. All of these reasons make the properties here very popular - not only for northern Europeans, but also for Spanish citizens from other areas.

    Good surroundings also mean good infrastructure. Reliable transport connections and a solid network of ommunication, services which benefit our lifestyle and make things a lot easier. Shops and restaurants within easy
    reach, sports, art and culture for our enjoyment.

    Some enjoy to relax in a quiet area, others enjoy all type of activities – the property you choose wants to be adjusted to your personal requirements and, last but not least, to your personal financial abilities.

    We offer you “tailored” plots of different sizes, so that you can make your dream of living come true. We even help
    anticipate your future plans by giving you information on current values, along with giving an idea of prospective value increase on local property. Your investment will enrich your life – and your pocket.

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