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Avantgarde Line

Neubau Avantgarde Stil - Costa Blanca - Hoffmann International

Let your imagination run free

With our avant-garde style of villas, our architect is appealing to those of you who want to build a modern or futuristic home on the Costa Blanca. Artistic and fashionable planning, subtle intuition and a touch of extravagance.

 Straight lines to a vast extent, every room offering the impression of light and brightness - these are the attributes of our avant-garde villas. Luxurious, stylish and clean - these are the three elements which relate to this way of construction. Each finished detail is to a high quality, but with nothing obtrusive. No unnecessary decoration - just simple with no frills. A combination of form and function to the highest level, a perfect collaboration. Whether you're in the dining room, the living area, master bedroom or kitchen - all rooms are sun-kissed and planned with "esprit". The rooms do not only give the impression of being light and spacious, but also offer the aspect of fresh air and freedom of movement to those in it. A type of house designed with transparent structure. All rooms built on ground level, are integrated into the surroundings and therefore most of the rooms have direct access to the garden. This is what makes it possible to enjoy living under the southern sun all throughout the year. Living becomes a global work of art, alternating being living indoors and outdoors. Tiled, open terraces leading from the villa to the swimming pool invites you to take a refreshing dip or bath in the sun.

A covered terrace of archways leads to the garden areas, laid with lawn. In this avant-garde line, beauty is always combined with function. Pleasant details such as a small bay-window, gives a touch of relaxation to the villa. A living room is not only an area to be lived in, but to host a multitude of functions giving way for all your fantasies.

The avant-garde villa offers space enough for your own creative ideas of living and relaxing. Turn a lifestyle of Spanish flair into reality. Enjoy the amiable habits such as the afternoon "Siesta", a daily tradition which northern Europeans link specifically to normal life on the Costa Blanca. The avant-garde villas are of no relation to our standard models featured previously in this brochure because, like the rustic line, we can not standardise it. Together with you, we can plan your own unique design and give a detailed estimate for its construction.

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Rustic Line

Neubau rustikaler Stil - Costa Blanca - Hoffmann International

With our rustic styled villas we continue the tradition of typical spanish farmhouses. A combination of tranquil comfort and modern function. A style influenced by nature with its own special attributes and peculiarities. The Costa Blanca offers some very special and different building materials: Of old, this area combines art, trade and handcrafted materials, such as the wonderfully designed, handmade tiles.

Archways, rustic stone blocks and dark wood beams give an impression of warmth and strength. Internal courtyards and open patios with the Mediterranean combination of sun and shade. Pillars and columns with detailed carvings, arched doorways, tosca-stone, wrought-iron-gates, floors laid with Travertino marble and other such details all contribute to the style of the traditional southern homes.

These farmhouses offer a lot of room for privacy and hospitality. Ideal for quiet days with breakfast on the covered terrace, and late-night conversations around the fireplace. Spanish farmhouses are easy to fall in love with: They welcome you with their special and unique charm such as an inviting kitchen leading into the dining room, light and open spaces with easy access to all rooms throughout the house.

The nearby swimming pool invites you to bath in the cool water and then lay in the sun among fanning palm trees.

The rustic-style villas are of no relation to our standard models featured previously in this brochure because we can not standardise this line. Together with you, we can design your own unique finca and give a detailed estimate for its construction.

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Classic Line

Neubau klassischer Stil - Costa Blanca - Hoffmann International

This is the typical spanish style, as it had been used for many years to build Villas on the spanish mediteranean coast. HOffMANN INTERNATIONAL and its team of architects tried to develop this style, and instead of having the traditional small windows like they are fitted in the old houses, created a architecture with large glazed areas.

As a result, the villas are very bright inside and the modern technique of insulation offers a perfect climate in all rooms, even in the summer.

The villa models as shown on the photos are not meant to be definite, but shall give you an idea for your individual Villa which we will plan together with you, and build in accordance to your ideas and requests. In every client we see a new challenge – let us be the “bespoke tailor” for your new home!